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Data Breach

Data breaches are increasingly common and can be damaging reputationally and financially.  BlackLine has assembled a team of partners to help you be prepared before a breach, or to help you respond afterwards.  In the event a breach occurs, and your company is fined by the Card Brands or issuing banks, BlackLine has the experience to help you reduce those fines.

Best Practices

Prepared Before Disaster Strikes.

BlackLine can help with immediate best practices to minimize costs and risks in a potential data breach situation.

Crisis Management

The Right Team at the Right Time.

Once a breach is discovered, seconds count. Breaches must be responded to quickly and efficiently.

Card Brand Fines

Expertise for Savings.

Card brand data breach fines can easily reach into the millions of dollars. BlackLine has the expertise to negotiate these fines down to their lowest possible amount.

News & Publications

New York’s DFS Narrows Proposed Cybersecurity Regulations

January 27, 2017 l Data Breach

On September 13, 2016, the New York State Department of Financial Services (“NYDFS”) issued proposed cybersecurity regulations (“Original Proposed Regulations”) that would impose new, stringent cybersecurity requirements on banks, money transmitters…

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Date Security certification

New Year, New PCI QIR Requirements: A How-To Guide

January 5, 2017 l Data Breach

Are you ready to ring in a New Year with the new PCI QIR requirements?: Steps integrators and sellers of PA-DSS validated POS systems can take to comply by the end of January.

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