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Payments Innovation

The Fintech industry is constantly changing and innovating.  BlackLine has assembled a team of partners that knows what strategies to implement, and how to do so successfully.  Make sure you are utilizing cutting edge practices and technologies from across the industry.

Payment Facilitator Strategy & Execution

Board Merchants Faster, Provide Simpler Pricing.
If you need templated or customized underwriting and risk monitoring procedures, or a frictionless boarding solution, BlackLine can help you understand and implement a successful Payment Facilitator program.

Mobile & Digital Strategy

Success-In-App and Online.
Increasingly the lines between card present and card not present transactions have blurred. Our clients look for our insight to help them develop solutions that span all transaction entry methods.

International Payments (Support/Innovation/

You. Worldwide.
Expanding internationally and optimizing international payments costs requires a broad knowledge of the players and the rules that apply. We help our clients successfully manage that process.

News & Publications

Fintech Companies are no longer in “Uncharted” Territory

December 27, 2016 l Payments Innovation

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), a subset of the U.S. Treasury Department, recently announced that it will create a special purpose national bank charter specifically for financial technology (fintech) companies.

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