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BlackLine’s team members have deep industry knowledge. With clients from across the industry, BlackLine has the expertise to provide high-value payment strategies to improve your bottom line.

Payments Strategy

Debit Routing Optimization

Vendor Sourcing

Merchant Statement Auditing

Small Changes Can Result in Big Savings.

We work with merchants to optimize PIN debit transactions so that each transaction always routes via the lowest cost network offering the lowest cost option for each card.

Finding the Best Partner and the Best Price.

Working efficiently and effectively, we navigate through the complex market terms to help you negotiate (or renegotiate) the best contractual terms for your business.

Are You Being Overcharged?

If we find discrepancies in your merchant statements, we work closely with you to advise on the best response. Whether that is recovering the overcharges from your current processor or finding a new one, we are with you every step of the way.

Surcharge & Convenience Fee Guidance

Expert Testimony

bank partnerships

Network Fee & Interchange Guidance & Negotiation

Generate Revenue and Offset Costs.

Merchants often face tight margins and competitive environments. One way to relieve the financial strain of accepting credit card payments? Implement a surcharging or convenience fee program.

Expertise When Everything is on the Line.

Clients turn to us for litigation support due to our in-depth understanding of the complex payment ecosystem and our ability to explain—in plain language—how it works.

Reduce Costs, Unlock Savings.

With unparalleled knowledge of the complex fee structure, we’ve done it all, from setting interchange and processing fees for major payment networks and processors to advising merchants on the best pricing strategies.


Merchant Processing Contract Negotiation

We Can Find Your Perfect Partner.

Processing contracts contain dozens of important terms, and pricing is only one of them. If you are considering entering into a new processing contract, BlackLine can assist in making sure you get the best terms and the best price.

News & Publications

Free speech impacted by surcharge regulations

The Decision: Free Speech Is at Issue

April 17, 2017 l Payments Strategy

Free speech is at issue, but the Supreme Court’s decision still leaves the legality of surcharge restrictions unresolved under the First Amendment…

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Date Security certification

New Year, New PCI QIR Requirements: A How-To Guide

January 5, 2017 l Payments Strategy

Are you ready to ring in a New Year with the new PCI QIR requirements?: Steps integrators and sellers of PA-DSS validated POS systems can take to comply by the end of January.

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Countdown to compliance: Reminding small merchants of the new PCI QIR professional requirement for POS systems

November 22, 2016 l Payments Strategy

Visa’s new rules regarding the requirement for small (Level 4) merchants to use Qualified Integrators and Resellers (QIR) takes effect January 31, 2017.

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