Courtney Rogers Perrin advises on card brand fines in data breaches

Courtney Rogers Perrin


Courtney Rogers Perrin was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. She attended Belmont University as a Political Science major and went on to obtain her Juris Doctor from the University of Tennessee College of Law in 2006. After completing law school and a federal clerkship, Courtney made the jump to New York City where she worked as an associate for a large, international law firm in corporate restructuring. When the markets crashed in 2008, Courtney represented creditors throughout the financial space, including in many well-known corporate bankruptcies.

From there, Courtney seized the opportunity to work on the business-side as a distressed debt analyst for the Royal Bank of Scotland. She enjoyed her time on the trading floor, where she syndicated exotic debt and evaluated the finances of distressed companies. Courtney loved her time at the Royal Bank of Scotland but decided it was time to move home to Nashville.

Courtney returned to legal practice, where she used her experience to represent trustees in municipal restructuring. During this time, she worked on the Jefferson County, Alabama bankruptcy, representing the trustee for over $2 billion in sewer bonds. Soon afterward, she represented the trustee for over $5 billion in water and sewer bonds in the Detroit bankruptcy case.

Courtney then made the jump to entrepreneurship, gaining keen insight into the challenges that startups face in today’s marketplace. This is what led Courtney to accept an offer performing dual roles at Frost Brown Todd, as a corporate attorney, and at BlackLine Advisory Group, as a Director with a focus on data breach, acquisition-related diligence, and business development.