Howard Herndon payments mergers and acquisitions consultant

Howard Herndon

Managing Director

Howard Herndon graduated from Vanderbilt Law School in 1984, and promptly moved to Dallas to begin his career as a corporate lawyer. In 1989, Howard left Jones Day, where his practice focused on mergers and acquisitions of both public and private companies, to move back to Nashville.

Upon his return to Nashville, Howard joined Waller Landsen, where he continued his corporate practice and began focusing on the emerging industry of electronic payments. One of his biggest clients was PMT, for whom he served as primary outside counsel. In 1998, Howard helped facilitate the $1.4 billion sale of the company. By this point, he had already worked on upwards of 60 acquisitions in the payments space, making him among the most experienced practitioners in this arena.

In 2004, Howard moved back to Dallas/Fort Worth to work for First American Payment Systems. There, Howard served as Executive Vice President and General Counsel, once again working on acquisitions and eventually overseeing a significant leveraged recapitalization. As a part of the management team, Howard gained deeper insight into the business side of the payments business.

In 2010, Howard returned to Nashville once again, this time with an idea. He recognized that there was an enormous gap separating the businesses operating in the electronic payments space from the fast-changing legal world regulating that space. This lack of cooperation between disciplines had been a hindrance to him in the past, and he knew that he was one of the few who could bridge that gap. As this idea developed, Howard began to advise emerging businesses and venture capital investors with his firm at the time. Howard then transitioned to Frost Brown Todd, where he is a Member, and co-founded a startup focused on assisting claimants in the Visa/MasterCard interchange-fee class-action settlement.

It was during this time that a group of investors approached Howard, and he secured the funds to turn his idea into reality. Tapping his colleague Pat Moran to join him, Howard founded BlackLine Advisory Group in 2014. This marks a historic moment in the electronic payments space, and as Howard’s team continues to grow, so, too, does excitement for this game-changing amalgamation of services, disciplines, and individuals.