Pat Moran founder of BlackLine and experienced payments consultant.

Patrick Moran


Born in Chicago, Pat Moran attended West Point, graduating with a degree in Economics. Pat then served almost 5 years as an officer in the Army before pursuing his MBA at Stanford. Pat graduated in 1992, having gained in Palo Alto a valuable network of friends and contacts, as well as a spirit for innovation that he carries with him to this day.

After graduation, Pat worked for an airline reservation company called Galileo International (now called Travelport) in Chicago. He spent 6 years in business development, financial management, and pricing, before being recruited to work for Visa. There, Pat spent 5 years on the frontline of electronic payment processing setting interchange fees and becoming one of the top interchange experts in the U.S. Pat was recruited to work at Fifth Third Bank for its processing solutions subsidiary, which is now called Worldpay, in the Cincinnati headquarters. Pat spent nearly 8 years working at Fifth Third Processing Solutions in the merchant processing business as a product and pricing manager as Vice President of Interchange Strategy. It was during this time that Pat first met Howard Herndon, and the earliest groundwork for BlackLine Advisory Group was laid. When Fifth Third Processing Solutions went public, Pat made the jump to independent consulting.

Pat and Howard observed the lack of coordination among the commercial, managerial, and legal aspects of the electronic payments space. The challenges that had been faced by Pat’s clients over the years were intrinsically multifaceted, but there was no company that existed to bridge these gaps. The two co-founded BlackLine to change that.  Pat currently serves as a director for BlackLine and provides high level consulting in the merchant acquiring side of the value chain.  In addition to his consulting roles, Pat has served as an expert witness in several payment-related proceedings.