Marketplace lending consultant

Shane Hadden


Shane spent the first part of his career in New York helping large corporations and financial institutions raise debt funding.  At Credit Suisse, Shane structured and executed over $20 billion of innovative funding and hedging transactions for some of the world’s largest corporations, banks and insurance companies. Much of his focus was on developing new ways for financial institutions to manage risk and regulatory capital.

In April, 2007, Shane left Credit Suisse to dive into marketplace lending while it was still in its infancy.  He saw the need for new types of lenders in order to provide credit to consumers and small businesses more efficiently than what could be provided solely by banks.  For the past ten years, Shane has been active in developing these new markets through the creation of two start-up lending companies and consulting for lenders, banks and industry groups.

Ten years in, and Shane is more passionate than ever about the potential for marketplace lending to improve the financial health of consumers and small businesses. He believes that banks hold the key to maximizing these benefits as they are best positioned to deliver marketplace loans to their loyal customers.

Shane is a Chartered Financial Analyst and holds a JD/MBA from Georgetown University.  He is based in Lexington, Kentucky.