BlackLine Advisory Group delivers strategic business insights for every aspect of the fintech industry. We provide on-the-ground, practical experience in payments processing, financial technology, and compliance. We are comprised of experienced consultants and licensed attorneys, enabling us to efficiently provide comprehensive, seamless solutions.

MasterCard / Visa Settlement: Interested in Selling Your Claim?

High-Value Payment Strategies

BlackLine’s team members have deep industry knowledge. With clients from across the industry, BlackLine has the expertise to provide high-value strategies to improve your bottom line.

Fintech M&A deals

Whether buying or selling, seeking investment funding, or planning your company’s exit strategy, BlackLine’s experience can be critical to achieving success.

Data Breach Crisis Management

Data breaches are increasingly common and can be damaging reputationally and financially.  BlackLine has assembled a team of partners to help you be prepared before a breach, or to help you respond afterwards.  In the event a breach occurs, and your company is fined by the card brands or issuing banks, BlackLine has the experience to help you reduce those fines.

Blockchain Experts

Our team of blockchain experts has worked with well known companies in the blockchain space and is frequently asked to speak on the topic.   While the technology is relatively new, our expertise is deep.  Whether you are looking to launch a blockchain product, or want to know about what this technology means for your company, BlackLine’s directors can help.

Payments compliance

The fintech industry is highly regulated and governed. BlackLine’s team is knowledgeable in the compliance requirements fintech companies face. Whether it’s money services business registration, card brand compliance, PCI compliance, or other regulations, BlackLine and its affiliate, Frost Brown Todd, can assist you in making sure you are competing in a compliant manner.

Payment Facilitator Strategy & Execution

The fintech industry is constantly changing and innovating.  BlackLine has assembled a team of partners that knows what strategies to implement, and how to do so successfully.  Make sure you are utilizing cutting edge practices and technologies from across the industry.

Litigation in the Payments-Space

Litigation in the payments-space is fact intensive and filled with industry terms. BlackLine can help explain the industry and the merits to a judge or jury in simple, easy to understand terms.

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Well-rounded in the fintech industry so our clients can be well-positioned
The fintech industry is experiencing fundamental changes. To put it simply, people are paying for things in new ways. From swiping cards on mobile readers, to using smartphones to buy a cup of coffee, to cryptocurrencies, we are rapidly adopting new ways of moving and storing our hard-earned money. In this era of disruptive change, winners and losers will be made. Learn more about why our team features the industry’s most comprehensive skill set.

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